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progress of block D

posted May 04, 2012 14:28:15 by sofia
Two big goals:
1. Make people experience the difficulty to get water.
a. The track activity of “mini intramuros”
i. A set of different games and the winner of each game will receive water and the others will remain with thirst until the end of the activity. PLAN THE GAMES
ii. Divide into groups. It can be on break, lunch, study hall and Saturday 19, 2012 when we go to the site. ONLY 9TH AND 10Th.
2. Make people experience the difficulty to get water.
a. Awareness video of the lack of running water- WATER QUALITY AWARENESS
i. Choose 10 to 20 people to go to the finca grab water and fill up the bucket of water.
ii. After this experience choose 2 students to talk to the classes about what they experience and the committee start asking that person questions about their experience.
iii. After the person talks show them pictures of his struggle and later show the Water Quality Awareness video.
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