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Putting Ourselves in the Shoes of Others

posted May 02, 2012 00:44:53 by kang.eun.shin
Since we are members of the Service Learning Committee, our job is to create activities to do in class to increase awareness and make students experience the situation of those who have no running water. To start with, we should get in touch with Hannah and Magadalena from Habitat, who are water quality experts within El Salvador. They may be able to help us to have a wider background of the people who struggle to get water. As for the activities, I suggest we have some kind of "mini race" during class time. This race would consist of students holding a big bucket full of water and going through a path of obstacles. The obstacles would be like solving problems along the way without letting the bucket of water touch a surface. This way, students would be able to experience what the people with no running water go through every day.
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evalley95 said May 02, 2012 12:14:39
Also I believe it would be good that in those races we could place some mini papers which include some facts, about what people have to go through as well as facts about the water in that location. This could create better awareness of what people suffer everyday because they want water.

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