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Block G in action

posted May 02, 2012 03:15:12 by andreapapini96
First of all we want to gather up more information, this will be done by contacting Ms. Holy Jones which is the school expert on Service Learning and experiences with the subject. Afterwards we will also contact our project partners from Habitat in order to call and interview locals to ask them several water issues they experience, their living conditions, how they obtain the water, how they struggle to obtain the water, what diseases are common in the area and which of them can be associated with the water, etc. All this and more instructions regarding what students will do in order to "experience" some of these struggles will be presented in a video done by the Service Learning Group of block G. The activities performed by the class consist in various games. One of this games is the water obstacle course. This could take place on the track and finca of the school. It consists on small groups of four or five people which will travel with a bucket and fill it until a mark that indicates the amount of watr an average person drinks per day, each student indivually will carry this bucket from the left side of the track near the Booster Club up until the very top of the finca where there is a little pond and beside it will be a much bigger bucket or pool for each team. The person would have to fill the bucket until the mark and carry it all the way back to the starting point and fill another pool there for their respective team. If the water is below the mark, a judge(May be Ms. Carter or another person) will not allow that water to enter the pool. Each person should go one by one and the team that completes this first will win. Also, the track will have several obstacles and paths by using cones, small barriers, etc. Another game is a human piramide. This will be done again in groups. The class will split in half and will have to make a human piramide. This is for the students to experience how hard it is to carry weight for a long time. The team that holds their human piramide the longest(with the top person carrying a bucket full of water) wins.
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ricardoaparicio95 said May 03, 2012 02:32:27
I like the idea of contacting people who really know about this stuff and the games of water obstacles and the human pyramid is a cool idea. Now, I have this idea... What if we try to contact the people of ANDA and see what information they could provide to us? like about the water services they have in the areas of ahuachapan, I mean... we could try If you people agree... we could also try to interview these people you know.... :D
J.Castellanos said May 04, 2012 13:33:43
Block D service learning already contact with Magdalena, she tols us that she was goingo to give us the information of what struggles, and what distance the people need to walk in order to have water. She send an e-mail saying that she was going to sen the information soon as possible. When she sen us the information I will tell you what she has told us. I like the idea also about the games. Our block has taking about that also. Mr.Carter told us the Ms.Jones told her that we could do something on the study hall of Thurday 10, there we can do the games and also show a video that we are planning to do.
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